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Some of you will wonder… why do they want to talk about Brix Degrees? What is their significance and what do they have to do with your syrups? Well, as we said, it is a cornerstone for the production of our syrups. Using this concept, we establish the sweetening power that we want our syrups to have. By doing so, we manage to maintain the same degree Brix in all Sanz Syrups and we thus make things easy for the person mixing who knows that they will always be working with the same level of sweetness, regardless of the flavour they choose.

One less burden when it comes to calculating the balance with spirits or other ingredients that they want use for their cocktails if they are going to add a syrup to them.

Let´s get more technical. What exactly is the Brix scale?

If we want to find out what the dry sucrose content of our liquid syrup is, we can do so by calculating the degree Brix.

These degrees are obtained using a refractometer, which only need a drop or two as a sample in order to find out the result.

The Brix scale is generally used when making juices, fruit wines, cane sugar, and in this case our syrups too.

The measurement of Degrees Brix, as we said, is a big formula which means that we know what amount of sugar to add in the production process so a product always has the same flavour.

If you want to find out more about the subject, we have provided a link to a page that you may find useful.

Calculate the degree Brix

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