Cocktail and reading to pair with a good book

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Pairing a good book with a drink that accompanies you along the trip is the plan we want to suggest today.

How many things are going your way?

  • Allow your mind to completely switch off.
  • Look for a nice spot in your home that is comfortable and peaceful.
  • We recommend enjoying the process to create this recipe for which we are providing all the steps, measures and ingredients, and also indulge yourself by choosing a book that invades your mind and makes time stop for you ⏱?
  • Savour the pairing that you have just created between your imagination and your palate.

The ritual of reading a good book cannot go unnoticed due to the beauty that its meaning exudes, you simply need to add the flavour of tequila, almond or chocolate to your reading.

Take an Old Fashion glass and let´s get the plan started… ✔️




•50  ml Jalisco 100% Blue Agave Rested Tequila
•10 ml Averna
•5 ml Orgeat Syrup @sanzcocktails
•2 dashes of chocolate bitters
•1 dash of Angostura bitters

How to make it?
•Shake all the ingredients with ice in a mixing glass.
•Strain into the glass over a piece of ice.
• Decorate it with orange peel.



*Cocktail by Luis Inchaurraga for Sanz Cocktails.

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