How to do maceration in cocktail making.

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Maceration is the process of extracting chemical compounds from solids by leaving them to soak for a period of time.

-Infusing them is quite easy: soak in alcohol, herbs, spices, fruit or dried fruits to obtain the desired flavours. Once you have achieved this, strain the solids, bottle the liquid and label the product.


-Heat, pressure and movement can help to obtain more extraction.

▫️HEAT helps the cells of the botanicals to open up, allowing the alcohol to extract the desired flavours.

▫️ You can obtain that heat using a BAIN-MARIE or by leaving the infusion in a warm place.

▫️PRESSURE makes the alcohol penetrate into the botanicals that are being infused, for example, you can vacuum seal all the ingredients and heat at a low temperature for 2 hours.

▫️When you use this method and finish cooking, you need to finish it with a cold bain-marie with ice and water.

▫️SHAKE the container a with the infusion a few times a day.


☑️ TIPS:

▫️If you don´t know how much solid product to put in, always add a little more and try it every 4-6 hours.

▫️The higher the alcohol content, the more extraction there will be.

▫️As a spirit to use, vodka is the best option because it is neutral and does not add flavour. However, you can use almost all alcohols, knowing that each alcohol will add different notes to the flavour.


For example, here we show you:


▫️8g of green tea for every 700 ml of gin.

▫️Infusion time: 2 hours



▫️Rind of two lemons + 700 ml vodka.

▫️Infusion time: 3 to 7 days



▫️650 grams of chopped apples + 700 ml Bourbon.

▫️Infusion time: 1-2 weeks


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