How to do Milk Washing in Cocktail making

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How to do Milk Washing in Cocktail making:

How to do Milk Washed in Cocktail making The clarification of spirits is carried out using this technique: Milk Washing = Using milk to take the edge off the spirits that were produced in the time of Benjamin Franklin.



▫️Manipulating casein, a component in milk. By doing this the astringent and bitter parts of the liquid that we are going to wash are united.

▫️The acid of the lime curdles the milk, the casein is captured and then we can separate it through filtering.

▫️This filtering eliminates part of the colour, it enhances flavours and textures.

▫️This technique can also be Batched (the technique that we told you about in another of our training videos, you can watch it here)



▫️120 ml Amontillado wine

▫️30 ml Lime juice

▫️120 ml Sanz Cocktails Coconut Milk Syrup




▫️100 ml whole milk.

▫️Serve the cocktail on the milk so that it curdles (and not the other way round).

▫️There are people who leave it to rest for hours or even a day. We strain it instantly.

▫️Take another glass and put a paper filter in it.

▫️Slowly pour the liquid into the glass with the paper filter so that the end product goes in drop by drop.

▫️In this case we waited for around two hours for everything to filter.

 If you are going to use this technique in a bar for your cocktails, bear in mind that you need time to prepare it.



▫️Add an ice stone to a cocktail glass and serve.


Remember that we have a video where we explain the technique of Fat Washing here.

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