International Success at Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

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The spirits sector recently held the 25th edition of the Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in Treviso, Italy, and the result has given us an injection of pride for the company, Internacional de Comercio y Destilerías J.Borrajo S.A. 

Our products: 100% blue agave rested Jalisco Tequila Mex Mango tequila cream and Güey, were awarded prestigious medals which highlight the excellence and quality that defines us, the way we like to do things.

In this article we want to share details of these achievements with you, showcasing the international distinction we have obtained.

From 28 September to 1 October our products underwent the evaluation of 120 expert tasters from 30 different countries. They undertook a rigorous tasting of 2,383 spirits from 57 countries, which reflects the magnitude and importance of this competition in the world of spirits.

The awards we took home were: 

2023 Gold Medal in the tequila category. This distinction recognises the quality and tradition that this iconic drink from Mexico represents.

2023 Gold Medal in the cream liqueur category. This prize highlights the unique combination of flavours that this cream offers, blending the sweetness of mango with the smoothness of tequila.

2023 Silver Medal in the liqueur category. Our naughtiest drink earned this distinction, standing out for quality and flavour with the spicy touch that makes it unmistakeable.

The Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is known in the industry as being a real barometer of the latest trends in the world of spirits. The importance of this competition is based on its selection process, which includes experts from different disciplines, such as Master Blenders, buyers, importers, WSET trained educators, as well as journalists and renowned commentators from the world of spirits.

The fact that our work has been highlighted in a competition of this magnitude not only reflects the exceptional quality of our products, it also shows the constant commitment of Internacional de Comercio y Destilerías J.Borrajo S.A.  to offer our clients the best in every bottle.

Let’s toast to many more successes together and to continuing to share the passion for spirits of the highest quality!


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