Hot Chili

It was originally from Mexico and, unlike other edible plants from America, spread very quickly around the world being brought to Spain by Christopher Columbus in 1493.
During the development of the product, our investigations were carried out about the types of chilli and a decision was taken to grow their own from the Bird Eye Chilli variety, which grows looking up to the sky. This variety of chilli is very spicy. On the Scoville scale it is on a 100.000-225.000 SHU level, below the Habanero chilli, but higher than the Jalapeno Peppers.
We consider it to be our most hand crafted product, made in small batches from a very careful selection of raw ingredients. We grind the chilli, we let it macerate and, manually semi strain it, and then we bottle it.
We do not add any kind of aroma or colouring, as the chilli provides everything that is necessary for its essence to be found in our syrup.
Ideal for spicing all kinds of cocktails, with or without alcohol, giving a spectacular result in making a Devil’s Margarita.

70 cl











Green Tea-Triple Dry-Maracuya-Mango

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