Spherification Technique for cocktail making and gastronomy

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Spherification is a culinary technique that is used to encapsulate a liquid or cream in a thin membrane with a gelatinous texture.

The sphere can be used to contain wines, vinegars, creams, etc. and of course, fruit purées!.

If the spheres are small, they are normally called caviar, fake caviar or pearls 

Spherification is a reaction that is produced by mixing calcium with Alginate, a food additive that is the main structural polysaccharide of the cell walls of brown algae, of the Laminaria family.

The process can be one of two types:

1️⃣Direct spherification: With it, the alginate is added to the ingredient that you want to spherify and then a portion of that mix is submerged in water with calcium chloride.

2️⃣Reverse spherification: It is simply the reverse process, you use a liquid that contains calcium or to which calcium has been added, and then it is submerged in a solution of water with the alginate.


So we are now going to make some INCREDIBLE SPHERES OF 95% FRUITS OF THE FOREST with the new PUREFRUIT by SANZ 🔴😋

We will use reverse spherification, so have the following on hand:

1️⃣1 bottle of Sanz Purefruit Fruits of the Forest 95%

2️⃣1 litre of mineral water

3️⃣7.5 g Alginate

4️⃣14 g Calcium lactate

◾Triturate the water and alginate trying not to create many bubbles.

◾Strain the mixture, cover it with film and leave to rest for 12 hours, or preferably, the entire night so that the alginate is completely hydrated.

◾After this time, strain the mixture and set aside.

◾On the other hand, triturate the fruits of the forest purée with the calcium lactate.

◾Strain the mixture into a squeeze bottle and carefully fill the mould.

◾With the mixture of alginate and tepid water (to help to defrost the sphere) you are going to carefully unmould, ensuring that the spheres do not touch one another because they stick.

◾Keep the sphere completely submerged for 1 minute.

◾With the help of a sieve, take out the spheres and put them into a bowl with water to clean off any alginate residue.

Et voilà! There you have them 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴


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