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Our version of the classic Voodoo Grog comes to your life on the most terrifying week of the year. This mini tiki with bleeding gums is not going to allow you to emerge unscathed from Halloween night, its Voodoo will get you hooked when you try it, ensuring you always return to it! 🔂

A drink that shot to fame in 1950. For those who know about tiki cocktail making, and are aware of the great mystery and debate that arose between Don the Beachcomber (promoter of tiki culture) and Trader Vic (his follower) about who was the creator of some of the recipes in this exotic category, the history of the origins of Voodoo Grog clearly states that it was a recipe by Trader Vic. It was created by the hands of the one of the geniuses who set trends, giving us one of the most important tiki classics of all time.

In this case, in our twist on Voodoo Grog, the tasting notes of this exotic mix denote citric flavours, spiced thanks to the Falernum, a hint of cinnamon, a creaminess due to the egg yolk and the Passion Fruit purée, with the Armagnac providing body and complexity.

Although it is served with a straw, some people prefer to drink it without it in order not to lose all those notes and textures along the way.

We have presented it in this exceptional craft tiki glass created by Zigitiki in Switzerland.

We hope that you are brave and dare to mix this version of the classic potion to celebrate a long and dark night like Halloween. 🕷🕸🎃

-Voodoo Grog-


Put the ingredients in a blender for 20 seconds and blend.

Serve in the tiki glass.

Decorate with baked orange, Maraschino cherry and nutmeg.

Version of Voodoo Grog by @luisinchaurraga

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