Types of a siphons for cocktail making: soda vs foam

Soda Siphon: Carbonation and More

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Differences between FOAM Siphon and SODA Siphon. These are two types of siphons that are commonly used in cooking and cocktail making to create drinks, dishes and desserts with gas. Although both have a similar mechanism, there are differences between them and they are used in different situations.


◽It creates light and airy foam

◽It uses nitrous oxide gas cartridges (N2O) to create foam

◽It is normally smaller than the soda siphon, as it is used to create small quantities of foam

◽It normally has a narrower and finer nozzle in order to create precise and decorative foam

◽It is mainly used in pastry making and haute cuisine to create desserts and creative dishes



◽It carbonates liquids and creates drinks with gas

◽It uses carbon dioxide cartridges (CO2) to carbonate liquids.

◽It is larger than the foam siphon as it is used to produce great quantities of drinks

◽It has a wide nozzle in order to dispense carbonated liquids quickly and efficiently

◽It is used in cocktail making and to prepare carbonated drinks such as soft drinks, tonic water and beer

◽As an extra creative note, it has been used in photography to create smoke and mist effects

Do you want to contribute any more differences?



🥽It is important to bear in mind that foam and soda siphons can be dangerous if they are not used correctly. They can explode and cause serious injury. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use siphons safely

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