Be liquid my friend!

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The Drinks Show was held for the third year as part of the very important gastronomic congress, Madrid Fusión which took place in one of the IFEMA exhibition grounds.

Over three days (13, 14 and 15 January) it was possible to enjoy the liquid world in the form of speeches, master classes, tastings, pairings… All of these factors resulted in great gatherings of colleagues from the sector, friends and alongside them, there were interesting talks about what drives us all, namely, the “liquid art”.

Under the concept “Be liquid, my friend”, magic arose and gastronomy joined to form the perfect pairing. The explosion of flavours combining food and drink led to new experiences which the brands present emphasised with their bar creations.

We know that the cutting-edge and change is a constant in the world of cocktail makingand spirits, which is why it is so important not to miss out on any of these opportunities and attend in order to stay up-to-date. And also take nourishment from the gastronomic sector at the most important gathering at a national and international level.

One of the great motivations for congresses are the speechesand master classes. At the Drinks Show we were also able to enjoy them.

As an interesting report, here is a video of the talk at the round table that we enjoyed with Marcio Silva, Pablo Pasti, Óscar Valle, Roger Betriu, Antonio Naranjo, Margarita Sader and Adrian Senhob where they talk about something very interesting and motivating for bartenders and bars worldwide: How does being on, staying on or making it onto the list of “The World’s 50 Best Bars” affect the daily work and the bar on it? 



Here are some of the speeches that were given:

Alberto Fernández (Bar manager at Saddle) and Adolfo Santos (Executive chef at Saddle) with:

  • Saddle: “Back” to the classics, restaurant cocktail making.

Marico Silva (owner of Ghillotina Bar) with:

  • Ghillotina of many Brazils within a single Brazil.

Marc Álvarez (Bar Manager at the BCN 5.0 group formed by Alberto and Ferrán Adriá and the Iglesias brothers, among others) and José María Bardaji (Head of Communication and Media at Bacardi Iberia) with:

  • Bacardi Innovation Lab, a project laid bare.

François Monti (Journalist and writer who manages the Bottoms Up blog) and with:

  • Presentation of Top Cocktails Bars.

Carlos Pérez (Bar manager at StreeXO) and Manuel Villalba (Executive chef of the XO group) with:

  • Liquid cutting-edge.

Marcio Silva, Pablo Pasti, Óscar Valle, Roger Betriu, Antonio Naranjo, Margarita Sader and Adrian Senhob with:

  • 50 Best Bars Round table.

Jake Down (He creates experiences at Scöut LND and SYD):

  • Scöut.

Pablo Pasti (Bar Manager at Limantour) and Óscar Valle (he worked at Limantour and has opened his own bar at “Todo Café”):

  • Limantour, the bartender and the bar.

Emanuel Minez and Paulo Gomes (they have two of the best bars worldwide: Red Frog and Monkey Mas):

  • Technology applied to bars.

Emmanuele Otero (Co-founder of La tuerta Funky Castizo) and Víctor Pinacho (Chef and partner at La tuerta Funky Castizo) with:

  • La Tuerta Funky Castizo.

As well as other really interesting talks organised by the brands.

We will see you next year to discover more about this fascinating world!

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