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❌ Sacred mistakes to avoid in cocktail making.


We all know that the important thing about a cocktail is the taste first and foremost, and of course the aroma and aesthetic.


1️⃣ Using little ice: Bad… nobody wants to have their cocktail at a temperature that isn´t sufficiently cold and in optimum condition. For those that come with ice, have plenty of it please. By doing so we will prevent it from diluting and becoming watery prematurely, spoiling the cocktail mix


Also use the right ice and of the best possible quality.


2️⃣ 🌪Shaking carbonated beverages: It may sound obvious, but sometimes it does no harm to remind you 😉


3️⃣ 🧼 Not cleaning your utensils once you have made the cocktail or cocktails: Everything is about action/reaction. Once you use the jigger, the shaker, the strain, mixing glass… whatever you use, you have to go to the water, before using it again in the next round 😁


4️⃣ 👅 Not trying what you make: Perhaps you have mass production until control, but adding too much or not enough in the measures can vastly change the flavour of our cocktails. If this is so, it does no harm to try it before serving. (Not like the girl in the video, this is only a nod)

5️⃣ 📏 Not using measurements: Likewise, Free Pours are fantastic, we are in love with them and we are SUPER FANS of those who nail it. However, if you are not an expert at it, the jigger or measurer are sacred for creating the perfect cocktail. 


6️⃣ Not using biodegradable straws: At the present time, it is outdated to continue using plastic straws which can take up to 800 years to decompose. 


➕➕➕➕➕ Is there anything else we can add to the list of bar errors? Share it with us and we shall continue to improve and care for cocktail making culture. 


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