• 45 ml Gin
  • 60 ml mate cordial
  • 60 ml clarified Sanz Strawberry Purefruit
  • 5 ml Ginger and Chili Sanz syrup
  • 15 ml gunpowder tea tincture

How to mix

Stir the ingredientes in a mixing glass, srain and carbonate. Clarified strawberry: add 5 ml of pectinex ultra spl to 1 liter of Sanz purefruit strawberry, stir and let it sit for 30 minutes. Clarify using a centrifuge, stir and bottle. Gunpowder tincture: add 100g of vodka and 8 g of tea gunpowder to a bag for souse vide, seal to maximum preassure. Cook 30 minutes at 60ª. Place the bar in an ice bag, strain and bottle.

Base Alcohol Gin
Cocktail type Craft
Difficulty Hard
Taste Sour Sweet
Schedule Afternoon
Glass Type Highball


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