How to make foam with a siphon for a cocktail

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How to make foam with a siphon for a cocktail. Foam is the result of combining a flavoured and well-strained liquid with bubbles of gas, normally  No2, and a stabilizing agent or emulsifier: fats, gelatines, egg whites or starch.

They can be cold or warm and can be made with practically any flavour 😋.




👀 To see how the siphon works we recommend you watch our video on rapid infusions here:

Foams are easy to make, extremely versatile, and have a large number of applications in both cocktail making, and cooking or patisserie.


Today, we are going to make a foam with our brand-new star ingredient: foam made from 99.9% Sanz PINEAPPLE purée. 😵🤩

With this foam we will then make a classic Margarita, enabling you to experience all the flavour and power of this pineapple purée and how it is 99.9% natural along with the texture that the foam provides.

Once you try it, you won´t be able to keep your feet on the ground! 😍


▫️400 g Sanz Purefruit Pineapple 99.9% 

▫️200 g mineral water

▫️2 sheets of gelatin

▫️1 IOsi litre siphon for cream

▫️2 capsules of No2

▪️Rehydrate the gelatin in cold mineral water, strain it and dissolve in 100 ml of hot water.

▪️Add the rest of the mineral water and mix well with the pineapple purée.

▪️Strain into the siphon, screw in the capsules and shake vigorously

▪️Remove the capsule, put on the trim and refrigerate for a few hours.




▫️45 ml (1 1 /2 oz) of Jalisco 100% Blue agave Rested Tequila

▫️22.5 ml (3/4 oz) orange liqueur

▫️22.5 ml (3/4 oz) fresh lime juice

▫️Shake and strain into the glass

▪️️Hold the siphon and serve the foam in circles. In the video, Luis shows you how to correctly grip the siphon, as well as a couple of useful tips.

▫️First, shake vigorously before serving or face down.

▫️Vertical siphon: put your index finger just under the trigger, to begin with it is difficult to control the pressure, be careful to ensure that lots of foam doesn´t suddenly come out

▫️Circular movements when pouring the foam

▫️Obtain our Purefruit 99.9% PINEAPPLE

▫️Jalisco 100% Blue agave Rested Tequila

🍸 At you can find many more recipes 🤩


❤️ We hope that you like it and if you try it, we would be delighted to see your photos of the process via the Instagram and Facebook networks. Don´t forget to tag us so we can: @sanzcocktails.

❓If any queries arise, leave us your comments under the video on YouTube in order for us to help you.




👌🏼 Thanks to our Brand Ambassador Luis Inchaurraga for sharing his knowledge with all of us.

Video: @marofoodpics

Location: House of Mixology

Music: Jason Shaw ‘Acoustic Blues’ Under Creative Commons license 3.0 (CC BY 3.0 US)

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